What Are the Common HOA Board Responsibilities?

What Are the Common HOA Board Responsibilities?

Are you among the 29% of the U.S. population that are HOA members? If so, you know this has many benefits, from general upkeep to financial stability.

What you may not know is how much work goes into making this possible. Behind every HOA community is a dedicated HOA board. The people on it must put aside their differences and work for the good of the community.

Want to know more about how the HOA board makes your life easier? Read on for a list of their three essential responsibilities!

Ensuring Compliance

All HOA members must remain compliant with their community's governing documents. The task of ensuring this compliance falls on the HOA board.

As important as this role is, it's also an unpopular one. After all, nobody enjoys getting told what to do. This is why a good HOA board will ensure compliance by promoting positive values rather than punitive actions.

If an HOA member does break a rule, the board should give them a chance to fix it. Before enforcing the rules with hearings and fines, they'll send written notice with enough time to correct the issue.

To do this job well, the HOA board must be intimately familiar with its governing documents. They also need to be aware of any local, state, and federal laws that may affect their community.

Maintaining Common Areas

If you're living in an HOA, you're responsible for maintaining your own property. It's up to the board, however, to maintain common areas.

This task can involve a lot of things, from landscaping to cleaning private streets. The board may also deal with the upkeep of amenities like pools. All homeowners associations will have different scopes of responsibility.

Of course, board members won't go out and fill potholes themselves. Instead, they'll find a reputable provider to perform whatever work's required. They'll also plan for capital repairs that may arise over the years.

Do you attend your HOA meetings? If so, you may be able to help the board with choosing high-quality service providers. If there's a lot of work involved, some boards will also hire an HOA management service.

Managing Financial Matters

The HOA board will also take care of managing the financial business of the association. This task can be arduous, yet it's also vitally important.

For starters, financial management can involve many responsibilities. They include collecting assessments, drafting a budget, keeping records, and so on. The board will also handle all financial accounts of the association.

If this sounds like a lot, that's because it is. That said, this is the only way to ensure the HOA community can pay its bills. That's why it's not just up to the treasurer to maintain financial records; the entire board should chip in.

How to Help Your HOA Board

As you can see, being an HOA member may cause you to take some things for granted. If you want to help out, consider joining your HOA board. The above guide will help you learn what's expected of you.

Don't have the time to become a full-fledged board member? If so, let the board know about our HOA management services! Contact us here to learn more about the many HOA benefits we can offer to your Miami community!